3 Great Sources of Inspiration 

We’ve all been hit by those occasions of writer’s block or creative dry periods, where you just can’t seem to come up with an idea. It can be frustrating and if being creative is part of your job, then these dry spells can be stressful too, which of course exacerbates the situation, making everything even more difficult. There is no sure way to kickstart the creative process, but I’ve found a few methods and sources of inspiration that can help you get back in the groove. 

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

It can be difficult to ever get truly out of your comfort zone, and sometimes it can be intimidating to even try, but by taking even the smallest step, you might find yourself surrounded by a fresh flow of ideas. Now this doesn’t mean just going to a party or social situation that you might normally avoid, but it can also involve trying to consume things you wouldn’t normally. Listening to some music that isn’t in your taste, trying a new type of cuisine or visiting an art gallery when you usually prefer cinema, are all ways that you can give yourself a fresh perspective and launching pad for new, exciting lines of thought. 

Interrupt Your Routine 

Routines can often feel comfortable, in fact they can often get too comfortable and it can be difficult for you to get any particularly original ideas when you’re deep into a routine. The best advice here is to interrupt your routine for a fresh look at things. Try getting up half an hour before your alarm usually goes off, going somewhere different for lunch, taking a later bus home or driving a different route to work. You’ll often find that even the smallest changes to your routine can make things seem interesting again, and you might just notice something that will trigger an idea or break you out of your creative dry spell. 

Consume, Consume, Consume Media 

It’s important that you’re always consuming as much media as possible, especially if you need to be generating ideas regularly for work. By reading books, watching films or playing games, you’ll expose yourself to lots of different ideas and concepts, making it easier for you to come up with your own variations or vamps on them. Consuming media can also give you a better understanding of the context that your work lies in or a lens to view it through. 

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